My Mozzi Review .



This Insect killer is very good , as it is summer , the flies , mosquitoes and insects are all over . I was hesitant about purchasing this item , but i got a big discount coupon to purchase this item from No kidding Coupons , So i will give my honest opinion of this Item , I was having a hard time getting rid of flies and mosquitoes ,I use to purchase all types of repellents , bug sprays and insect lamps , that is what i have been doing for years , and it worked to some extent .

I am happy that i purchased this Mozzi Killer , not only it is very attractive and can be placed Anywhere in the house , it actually WORKS ! Its a lightweight fan looking like item , that has a light that turns on when you plug its cord ,It doesn’t make any sound , Yet it is very effective , i can honestly say that i see no more bugs, I placed the Mozzi killer in the kitchen ,and i am just so surprised to see that there are no flies flying around anymore , they are no where to be seen . i really recommend that you try this Insect killer .

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Mi review del Mozzi Matador !

Este mata insecto es muy bueno e eficaz , como estamos en el verano hay muchas moscas , mosquitoes y otros insectos por todas las partes , Estaba dudosa de comprar este producto pero al recibir un cupon de GRAN descuento de No Kidding Coupons , decidi tratarlo , Les dare mi HONESTA opinion sobre este producto ,Hasta ahora se me hacia dificil deshacerme de las moscas y mosquitoes , yo compraba repelentes , esprey, y velas anti mosquitoes , esas cosas funcionaban temporalmente , pero regresaban , No me arrepiento de haber comprado el Mozzi killer , parece un abanico silencioso , atractivo y con una luz verde cuando lo enchuflas , Estoy muy sorprendida porque ahora , no veo NINGUN mosquito, nada de moscas , ni insectos , puse el mozzi killer en la cocina , y no entran las moscas como en antes , les recomiendo este aparato , porque funciona .

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